Here is the first step YOU can take TODAY to start fixing your love life!

You will learn to believe in love, discover love, and retain it by using the techniques in Master the Art of Love. This course includes exclusive training videos, worksheets on love and romantic interests, how-to instructions, and community membership. Learn how to maintain the love (and fantastic intimacy!) with the aid of the tried-and-true 3H's approach.




“Laurie Gerber - #1 Love Interests and Relationship Coach”

I have been coaching people for over 20 years and my purpose is that you live your dreams, specifically in the area of Love. After a “near divorce” experience of my own and using The Handel Method® to rebuild my relationship I concluded that I must use what I learned to help others. I trained in the method and have coached thousands of individuals and couples since, focused on reviving love and optimizing relationships, as well as facilitating amicable break ups. Soup to nuts, baby!

What Laurie's Customers are saying

Laurie’s candor and insight were instrumental to getting our marriage off on the right path. She helped us to identify individual character traits that can cause us to get stuck in our communication.

Sera and Steve

"Laurie changed my life. My boyfriend asked my parents a few weeks ago if he can marry me. Thank you so much <3"


Working with Laurie is the perfect mix of spiritual wisdom and getting stuff done! Yes she can hang on the 5D. But you better have your act together on the 3D.

Emily Fletcher

When we came to Laurie it was after years of counseling. I was miserable hurt and angry. Our intimacy was terrible. After 9 months working with Laurie our relationship is the best it has ever been:

Rajesh & Kalpana

I'm so thrilled that I found Laurie. Every single day of my life, I use something she has taught me. I tell the truth when it's uncomfortable, and I hold my ground with my higher self.


Why Join Master The Art Of Love? 


Know who you are

Engaging into romantic interests in your 30s without self-awareness is a mistake. You waste time with incompatible people and struggle to communicate your needs.

Forget the timeline

Don't feel obliged to be in a relationship, married, or have children by 30. Love has no age limit, so don't pressure yourself or feel like being single means you're behind. Love and romance has no age restrictions.

It's OK to be inexperienced

Being in your 30s doesn't mean you're experienced in exploring romantic connections. It's okay if you prioritized other aspects of life before. Don't pretend to be someone you're not when developing a romantic relationship, as being authentic is important for making connections.

What's Inside the Program?


Side by Side

Love and Care are the most important parts of any advice I give you. So with Master the Art of Love, and Master the Art of Love: Accelerated, I made sure you are getting a side by side experience that's easy for you to follow and know exactly where the next steps are in your journey to becoming a Master of the Art of Love!

What’s in the story, though? How does the story develop authenticity? More to the point, how does such a story create that trusting feeling that customers crave?


Hours of Gold

I wanted to make sure this course did not feel like busy work. So my team and I decided to go through years of my work and create a compilation of only the most important content.  Each video is essential to your journey.

So maybe grab a snack and a cold drink and really take the time to get on the right track. This is no longer your journey, it's OURS and I'm here to help! 


Get Quizzed!

Testing yourself with Laurie's quizzes after finishing a section in "Master the Art of Love" can be helpful in several ways. It can help you remember what you learned, see how much you've progressed, feel more confident, figure out what you don't understand yet, and remember things better in the future. Overall, quizzing yourself is a useful tool for getting better at the course material.

Plus you get these Ebooks FREE!



When you enroll in Master the Art of Love or Master the Art of Love: Accelerated you will get my 7 most valuable E-books, all for FREE, and this isn't even one of the bonuses!

1. The #1 Communication Problem in Couples
2. Determining Your Type in 3 Easy steps
3. Are you addicted to a person?
4. Top 5 Mistakes Women Make in Exploring romantic connections 
5. How to Use the 3H Chart
6. Popcorning: What it is, Why You Do it...
7. The Mind-Blowing Truth About Non-authentic intimacy


Master the Art of Love Accelerated


Get Master the Art of LOVE accelerated when you are ready to move beyond learning and into action. You’ll get everything in the Master the Art of Love class, plus all the love and Exploring romantic connections worksheets, step-by-step guides and membership inside our community– so you can ask questions any time.

Master the Art of Love Accelerated
Master the Art of Love Accelerated
Master the Art of Love Accelerated
Master the Art of Love Accelerated
Master the Art of Love Accelerated
Master the Art of Love Accelerated